Jewelry is often a special way to commemorate a milestone or important moment, and this is your opportunity to go beyond the jewels. By customizing your gifts with engravings, names, and images, you add a level of thoughtfulness and love that your friends and family will appreciate and cherish for a lifetime. An exclusive feature we provide with our jewelry is intimate message cards that help you convey your feelings without struggling to find the right words. Let us find the words while you give a gift that says it all.


Give the gift that says it all. Beautiful necklaces by Beyond the... 


Let Beyond the Jewels help you find the right words to express... 

  • Men's Watches

    Choose to engrave a personalized message into his watch or go with one of our pre-engraved phrases which always surpass expectations

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  • Simplicity

    Like things simple? Get all of the products we offer, without the personalized message cards!

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  • Holidays

    Shop based on the holiday you need the gift for!

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  • Family

    Find products specifically for your family members

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  • Friends

    Need something for your Bestie? Search these designs for the best gifts today!

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  • Colleagues

    Have a favorite colleague at work? Show your appreciation with these great gifts

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